ocean of games – Cadillac and Dinosaurs Game For PC Game 2020 Overview


Cadillac and Dinosaurs is an amazing action and fighting game on PC. This game does not have awesome graphics and details but the itself is very interesting and enjoyable. It is an old-school game which we were used to play on token machine. It is an action fighting game released by Capcom. Cadillac and Dinosaurs is a side-scrolling beat ’em up category game where you need good fighting skills to defeat opponent. Cadillac and Dinosaurs is also an animated series released in the same year when this game was released. Up to 3 players can play this game at once. You can play this game with your friends for more entertainment. The game has different stages to clear in order to finish the game. The controls are very easy and adjustable. Defeat enemies and bosses to clear the stage. Cadillac and Dinosaurs has 4 playable character and you can choose any of your favorite character to start journey.

Cadillac and Dinosaurs Game


There are four different characters available in game with unique strength, power and weakness. Jack, Hannah, Mustapha and Mess are the playable characters. Jack has balance type ability while Hannah has speed ability. Skill type ability is in Mustapha and Mess has power ability. Controls are super easy and there are so many attacks which you can perform to defeat enemies and bosses. Every character has special moves to kill bosses. Team-attacking is a feature when two or more players play this game together. There are 8 different stages to play. Complete stages and finish the game. There are many weapons to find in journey. Find firearms in stages and throw different weapons including rocks and explosives to defeat enemies and bosses. Visual effects and sound effects are awesome. Gameplay of this game is very interesting and enjoyable.

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